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 Keep it on the Lolo and avoid hassle from the popo!

We know you like to drink. Want to keep your drinks cold? How about keeping it discrete?

Lolo lids does all of this while keeping your drink cold longer than a traditional beer cozy. Simply take your average can, beer, soda or whatever you drink, snap on a Lolo Lid and pop it on just about any to go coffee cup. Instant stealth cozy! Lolo Lids features an ergonomically designed spout that provides the nicest drinking experience and is much cleaner than drinking out of than a metal can.  




"This thing is genuis!"-Some drunk guy

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We are giving away a bunch of lids for our upcoming production launch!  Leave us a story about a time you needed a Lolo on the Blog page or join our mailing list at the bottom of the page and you'll be automatically entered.

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